Copyright Clara Ursitti


b. Canada. Lives and Works in Glasgow, Scotland


Master of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

Bachelor of Fine Art,  York University, Toronto, Canada

Arts Council of England Helen Chadwick Fellow, University of Oxford and British School at Rome, 2006 – 2007


2019 and Upcoming

Solo show, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, June 2020-January 2021

Solo show, White Water Gallery, North Bay, Canada, January 2020

Disentangle: Science in a Gendered World, Newly commissioned work January-April 2019. Work/research as part of Athena SWAN for Life Science Art Research Gallery, University of Dundee

Break 2019, New Performance, as part of PARSE launch event and conference for their new journal launch titled WORK, with Andy Abbott, Petra Bauer, Dave Beech, Benjamin Fallon, Nathan Jones, Kirsteen Macdonald, Shona Macnaughton, Martha Rosler, superconductor, Marika Troili and Marina Vishmidt. May 7-8, Valand Academy and Skogen, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Splitsville Smells like Irises, Tiger Strikes Astroid, New York, New York. Aug 3 – September 9

Perfume Shop, Ryder Projects, London. November 30 – February 2 2019

Two person show with Erica Eyres, Room 113, Newcastle, England, June 14 – August 2

Break, new work commissioned for What’s Love Got to Do With It, as part of PAC Festival ( Printemps Art Contemporain), Art-Cade Gallerie, Marseilles, France.  May

A Hole in the Sky, The Modern Institute, Airds Lane, Glasgow February 2 – March 17

Good £uck, with l’outil, new work commissioned for Glasgow International Festival of Art, at Bill’s Tools Store, April 17 – May 7. With David Sherry, Beagles & Ramsay, Erica Eyres and Jack Cheetham

Artists Who Make Music, Musicians Who Make Art, curated by Ross Sinclair at Queens Park Railway Station, February 24 –March 25


Bring Back the Hill, Commission for Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, as part of Edinburgh International Festival of Art August

New work for SAR (Society for Artistic Research) conference, Helsinki, Finland April 28-29


Kustom, scent intervention for Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art, April 7 – April 23

Heritage Site, work in collaboration with Nicky Bird, City Art Centre, Edinburgh, July - August as part of Edinburgh International Festival

L’elephant, commissioned intervention by Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, for the Frankfurt Bookfair,  October 20 and 21st

I will be you lighthouse, new work for Sex Smells, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany, September 2 – November 6 


There is Something in the Air: Scent in Art, Museum Villa Rot, Ulm, Germany March 22- July 28, 2015

The Smell of War, De Lovie - Poperinge, Belgium, April – August 2015

Libérez le Glamour , Scent intervention commissioned as part of Merchant City Festival, Glasgow. July 27, 2015

Belle Haleine – The Scent of Art, Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland, February 10 - May 17

Portraits +, Fife Contemporary Arts and Craft, Kirkcaldy Galleries, War Memorial Gardens, Scotland, 14 February - Sun 31 May

Mood is Made, Temperature is Taken, as part of Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, locations throughout Scotland. Curated by Quinn Latimer, for Glasgow Sculpture Studios Gallery. July – September

A Big Stick of Confidence, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, USA September - October

Art Lending Library, Darlington, May - June


Museo de los Aromas, Burgos, Spain

Nite Flights , The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Kiwi in Love, Helsinki Kunsthall, Finland


ALL (Art Lending Library ), Mitchell Library, as part of Glasgow International 2012

Intersections, Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel, through the Contemporary Art Scoiety, London

Whisper Game, Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden


Surreal House: The Fractured Body , event at Barbican Gallery, London, curated by Mobile Studio, July 22, 2010

Tatton Park Biennial , Knutsford, England May - September 2010 (site specific intervention )

Birch Bitch , Nomi's Kitchen, Glasgow, April 2010

The Museum of Gloves, in Vestiges Park, Low Salt, as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, April 2010

Five + One, intervention, Glasgow Project Room and various openings as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, April 2010

Lunchtime and Not a Breast in Sight, shown in Rubble Stir, The Glue Factory, Glasgow


Unheimlich, The Nunnery Gallery, London

Grey Matter, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Removed from the Eyes of Strangers, Galleri Andersson/Sandström , Umeå, Sweden , then travelling to Co-Lab, Copehagen, Denmark


Odour Limits, Esther M Klein Gallery, Philadephia, USA

Unheimlich, Leeds Metropolitan Gallery, Leeds, England

Machinic Alliances, Danielle Arnaud, London, England  

Communication Suite, Site specific exhibition curated by Christine Borland in the Communications suite of Glasgow University Medical Building.   Artists   include: Douglas Gordon, Mark Dion, Cornelia Parker, Abramovich and Ulay, and Alistair McLennan


Transit, British School at Rome, Academy of Fine Art, Archaeology and Architecture, Rome Italy

Studio Voltaire, London, ( selected by Stuart Comer and Polly Staple )


Westerner, Tramway, Glasgow, November

Focus, Alice Day Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


Cohabitation in a Flooded House, Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo)

Axxxpresssassssssunizm, Vilma Gold Gallery, London, England; then travelling to Alice Day Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Birthday Party, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


Frozen Tears, Cabinet Gallery, London, England

ReminiSCENT, Karen Schreiber Gallery, Toronto, Canada

James, Ibid, Vilnius, Lithuania/London, England

Toxic Head, Tag Team Experiment, Edinburgh, Scotland

Glasgow Art Fair, Scotland

Afterlife, Vane, Newcastle, England;  then traveled to Chapter, Cardiff, Wales


Are You Experienced?, Montevideo, The Netherlands Media Institute, Amsterdam, Holland

Deliberate Regression, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, England

Fountain, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (solo)

Humid , Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand

Berlin Art Fair, Berlin, Germany


Gothenburg International Biennial , Konsthallen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Humid , Spike Island, Bristol, then traveled to ACCA ( Australian Centre for Contemporary Art ) 

PheromoneLink TM , YYZ Artists Space, Toronto, Canada (solo)

Interface, Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries, Scotland

Here and Now: Scottish Art,  Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA)


Tales of the Unexpected , CAMAC, Marnay, France

The Realm of the Senses, Turku Museum, Turku, Finland

If I ruled the world, CCA (Centre for Contemporary Art) , Glasgow

Evolution isn't over yet, travelled to The Lugar Comun, Lisbon, Portugal, and the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, Scotland

Love Bites, Pumphouse Gallery, London, England

Museum Magogo, PB Gallery, Swinbourne University, Melbourne, Australia

The Department, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland


If I Ruled the World, The Living Art Museum,  Reykjavik, Iceland

Nerve System , Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), London

48 hours, Arts House, North Melbourne, Australia

Evolution  isn't over yet , Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Love Bites, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham ( traveled to various venues in England )

Freestate, Art.TM Gallery, Inverness, Scotland ( in collaboration with Graham Ramsay and Hannah Robinson )

Tales of the Unexpected, Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, England

Museum Magogo, Independent Studios, Glasgow


habitat, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP),Melbourne, Australia

Bill , Tower Studio, Melbourne University, Australia (solo)

Faux Shaux, Howey Place and Revolver, Melbourne, Australia

Changing Perceptions, Collins Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland; Crawford Arts Centre, St. Andrews, Scotland; Tower Art Gallery, Eastbourne, England

MacTotem, Lewis Arts Centre, Stornaway, Scotland,

This Island Earth, An Tuireann Art Centre, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland


The Smell of Fear, Part One and Two : Judy Garland, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (solo)

Pheromone LinkTM,  Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (solo)

Klick, 1st Floor Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Immaterial Time , Artis, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Changing Perceptions, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh

See, Sense, Scottish Arts Council Traveling Gallery


Art and Innovation, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London,

Art for People, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow,


Scottish Fest , Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Maikäfer Flieg, Hochbunker Köln-Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany

Cluster, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Outpost, Vending Machines in Venice Biennale, Venice


New Art in Scotland, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, and Aberdeen Art Gallery




PB, Merchant City Festival, July 23 2011, GMAC, Glasgow


Wall of Light Commission , Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow (new film work for BBC Big Screen , Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Glasgow Film Theatre)


No Stills, Alice Day Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


Sense Machines , part of video programme for Uncommon Senses, an international conference on the non-visual senses, Montréal, Canada


Video from Glasgow , V-Tape Video Biennial, Toronto, Canada

Video Screening , Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland

Canadian Fall , Video Screening, Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow


Video from Glasgow , Articule Galerie , Montréal, Canada


Chicken Farm , Hunter  College, New York; Fringe Film Festival, Edinburgh; CCA TV, Glasgow




Smell, Terrorism and Performance, article featuring my work in the Journal of Performance Research, Jim Drobnick, 24/4-5, p.355-361, 2018

Interviewing a scent artist: Clara Ursitti, by Laura Estrada Prada, in roots and routes: Research on Visual Cultures

2017 Under Your Nose, Jo Barratt in Canadian Art Magazine, March 2017

2016 The trail-blazing Canadian artists using scent: Art is political and so is scent. These are the Canadian artists using smell to evoke emotions. Verity Stevens in The Toronto Star, June 2 2016

I will be your lighthouse, Kustverein Wolfsburg, Germany, September 4 – November 9, 2016,  German and and English Version. 22 pages

Now Past Later, Maxwell William (editor), The Institute for Art and Olfaction,  limited edition of 150 copies . P.4 - 7

2015 There is Something in the Air:  Art and Scent,  Museum Villa Rot, Burgreiden Germany.  #01/15 p8 and 72 – 77

Belle Haleine: The Scent of Art.  Museum Tinguely. Basel, Switzerland P.60, 150

2014 Mood Is Made, Temperature is Taken, with text from Quinn Latimer.  New scent work within catalogue.

Mood Is Made, Temperature is Taken

Art and Science, Eliane Strosberg, Abbeville Inc Press ( survey book and e-book )

Sense of Smell, Feature pages on my work with a scratch and sniff page. An anthology of scent and scent technology for art and design researchers,

2012 Whisper Game, exhibition catalogue, Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden

2011 Scent and Scentability, Barbara Pollack, ARTnews, March 2011 p 92

Bad Romance ,contribution to a collaborative novel initiated by Laura Edbrook , Collective gallery, Edinburgh

2010 Review, Art Monthly, June 2010, p.24 - 25

Art + Science Now, Thames& Hudson Press, ed. Stephen Wilson ( available in UK March 2010 )

Tatton Park Biennial Catalogue, Parabola  

Pick of the Week: Guardian Guide, Framing Identity, Tatton Park Biennial, May 8, 2010

The Senses in Society   ( journal article on a commission I did for Artlink by Margaret Morse ) , Berg Publishers

My Glasgow International top tips, Charlotte Higgins,

Art and the Senses, Oxford University Press, ed. Francesca Baci ( images and journal article on my practice by Tim Jacobs ) , due date July 2011

2008 Review of Unheimlich, AN Magazine, June 2008

Machinic Alliances, catalogue for exhibition of same title with essays by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Walsh

2007 Tansit, British School at Rome 2006 -2007 , catalogue of exhibitions and work of British School at Rome artist residency holders.

2006 The Scent Cultural Reader , March 2006, ed. Jim Drobnick, Berg Publishers

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Catalogue, for exhibition Westerner, Tramway, Glasgow, November 2006

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Pist Protta, Copenhagen and Glasgow. New 2 page work commissioned for publication.

Uncle Chop Chop, Issue 6 , launch at the CCA Glasgow


Frozen Tears , Article Press, University of Central London ( I published a short story for a compilation novel editied by John Russell, titled: The Pink Room , p. 643 - 658 )


Gothenburg Biennale , Artist Newsletter, August 2001 ( I wrote an article about Gothenburg's first Biennale, and about their artist run initiatives


Authenticity in Transition Roundtable – presented paper for panel on topic of Revisiting Authorship.  December 2 2014.

Artist talk as part of the panel at CAA ( College Art Association ) Annual Conference, New York New York 2013

American Synesthesia Association Annual Conference, Toronto Canada.  Presented a paper on my work in relation to cross modal perception.

CBC Television, Canada Now , May 10, 2001 o  CBC Radio, May 10, 2001, Canada

CKLN, May 10, 2001 ( With Carla Garnet ), Canada

U8 Reality Television ( Two of the "lodgers " on the programme in Toronto joined Phereomone LinkTM and were subsequently filmed live) , May 2001

BBC 2, Newsnight , Jeremy Paxman, January 12, 1999

BBC radio World Service , Guy Chizan, January 14, 1999

BBC radio, Five Live with Dianne Flood, January 14. 1999

South African Broad casting Corporation, January 20, 1999

PBS Radio, Melbourne, Australia ,September 3, 1998

ABC radio, Melbourne, Australia, September 28, 1998

BBC radio, Women's Hour , November 23, 1998


2012 -2014
Canada Council Long Term Artist Grant

2008 - 2009

Scottish Arts Council Artist Award

2006 -2007

Helen Chadwick Fellowship , artist residency between the British School at Rome and Ruskin School, University of Oxford.


IASPIS artist residency ( International Artists Studio Programme in Sweden )


Artist Grant, Glasgow City Council

School of Fine Art Research Grant, Glasgow School of Art


Scottish Arts Council Assistance Award

Glasgow School of Art, School of Fine Art Research Award


Artist Grant , Glasgow City Council


Sci - Art Award , Scottish Arts Council Combined Arts Department

Sci - Art Award , Wellcome Trust

Tower Studio Residency , Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia


Artist Award , Scottish Arts Council


Small Assistance Grant , Scottish Arts Council

Award (Short listed), ICA ( Institute for Contemporary Art, London )/ Toshiba Art and Innovation Competition


Travel Grant , British Arts Council ( Budapest, Hungary; Cologne, Germany )


Commission for Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, as part of Edinburgh International Festival of Art August

L’elephant, commissioned intervention by Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, for the Frankfurt Bookfair,  October 20 and 21st
I will be you lighthouse, new work for Sex Smells, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Germany, September 2 – November 6

Libérez le Glamour , Scent intervention commissioned as part of Merchant City Festival, Glasgow. July 27, 2015

Work for Mood is Made


Walls of Light Film commission from Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow and Creative Scotland


Map Magazine, Center page spread, artist project, Issue 6, Spring 2006


ReminiSCENT , FADO (as part of sited scent performance festival )Toronto, Canada


Showgirls , Billboard Project, in Sheffield, England


See Sense, Commission, City Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland