Copyright Clara Ursitti

Pheromone Link TM

An idea for a scent based dating agency where you choose a partner using your sense of smell. A group of anonymously numbered t-shirts from volunteers are stored in the Scent Library. You choose your favourite smelling shirt and get set up on a date with its owner. Love is in the air.....just follow your nose!

Images from the installation at YYZ Artist's Outlet, Toronto, Canada, 2001

Also exhibited in different versions at: Club Dynamo, Turku, Finland, 2001; The Living Art Museum, Rekijavik, Iceland; 1999; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1997;

Thanks to: Janet Windle, Paul Egan, Graham Ramsay, YYZ staff Lisa Deanne Smith, Dionne McCaffey, Elaine Bowen, Lisa and Brian Stonehouse, Anette Larsson, Clara McGibbon, and all the volunteers,past and present.

Images: Peter MacCallum